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A Heartless, A Human, and A Nobody

The best OT3

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The first question one would pose to the maintainers of this community is why?

Why not? We ask!

We feel that all three of these characters are seriously underrated in the Kingdom Hearts Fandom, and thusly, we are committed to providing more fandom content for the character Xehanort; and his corresponding heartless and nobody. Especially if it contains all three!

One warning. This community contains material that isn't safe for children. Please don't join if you would be breaking the laws in your country.

Also, these characters belong to SquareEnix and Disney. Any transgressions on the characters of Xehanort, Xemnas, and Xehanort's Heartless (Ansem) are merely rampant fangirling, and should be taken as such. Your claims would not be likely to have any hold in court, as we're mostly broke college kids who enjoy our favorite Heartless/Nobody/Somebody. :)
Community Rules
The rules in this community are quite simple; although we ask that all members adhere to them!

1) Be Polite!!
2) No Bots, Flaming, or Spamming!
3) Any non-worksafe content must be kept beneath a cut!
4) Other KH material is welcome, but we really want to focus on Xehanort and his Heartless/Nobody; and possibly the relationships they can have.
5) Have fun! ♥
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